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Quality management

Quality management

The quality management system of the FARLOT company is based on the requirements of Nastanovy ST-N MZU 42-5.0: 2014 "Likarskyzobo”, the ISO 9000 series of international standards, the EU's GDP rules, the PIC / S recommendations. The Company also takes into account the WHO recommendations on the storage rules (GSP), trade and distribution (GTDP) of medicines.

Our quality management system guarantees:

  • constant observance of proper storage conditions;
  • safety of goods during storage and transportation;
  • documenting of processes, operations and works;
  • validation at all critical stages;
  • controlled conditions of functioning;
  • documenting and analyzing of nonconformities;
  • conducting of corrective and preventive actions;
  • functioning of the risk management process;
  • performance of work by highly qualified personnel;
  • provision of resources for all processes;
  • proper working capacity of the material and technical base

Our competitive advantages in the quality assurance system:

  • consistently high quality of service;
  • full satisfaction of the customer needs;
  • flawless compliance with all applicable rules and legal requirements;
  • continuous improvement of internal and external processes;
  • high qualification of staff;
  • proper management of all processes and resources.