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Tariff unit

Tariff unit

Drafting documents
Drafting the Preliminary Notice for crossing the border (PN) – as a main sheet
Drafting the PN – as an additional sheet
Drafting the Preliminary Declaration (PD) – as a main sheet
Drafting the PD – as an additional sheet
Drafting the Customs Declaration (CD) – as a main sheet
Drafting the MD – as an additional sheet
Completing CMR, TIR at export/transit


Customs clearance of a separate consignment of cargo
Drawing up the PN
Drawing up the PD
Drawing up the CD
Drafting and registration of the Customs Value Declaration (CVD)
Customs clearance of cargo with the customs value under 100 € without the CD
Extension of the period of temporary admission (importation/exportation of goods
Carrying out of customs examination with drawing up a certificate of customs examination
Carrying out of the identification examination
Introduction of amendments to the CD (in case of any faults of the Fund)
Picking the samples and drawing up the Certificate
Negotiation and settlement of issues with the customs valuation control department
Approval of the UCTC code with the goods classification department
Approval of the certificate of origin with the verification department
Approval with the Department to combat smuggling
Services of the customs cargo terminal


Passage of certain types of cargo control, marking on accompanying documents
Sanitary and epidemiological control
Environmental control
Radiological control
Phytosanitary control
Veterinary and sanitary control



Additional services
Drawing up a letter of clarification of UKRSEPRO
Drawing up a certificate of conformity of UKRSEPRO
Verification of the UCTC code in the CCI
Drawing up the conclusion of the SES
Organization of tests, laboratory analysis of products in the SES bodies (for 1 sample)
Drawing up the conclusion of the SSU
Drawing up the conclusion of Ukrchastotnaglyad
Drawing up an explanatory letter to the SSEC (State Service of Export Control)
Processing and acceptance of documents at the customer’s address
Consultations (oral or written) on issues of movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine (per hour)
Brokerage fee -% of the amount paid on behalf of the Fund in addition to the reimbursement of the broker’s direct costs in accordance with the clause 2.3.14 or the clause 5.3 of the Contract


Transportation of goods from the place of customs clearance to the Fund’s warehouse (Kyiv city / Kyiv region)
(when transporting a cargo which requires a special (specified) temperature storage regime, the cost of the service will be recalculated using the coefficient 1,2)
A vehicle with a cargo compartment volume of 1.5 m3 to 8 m3
A vehicle with a cargo compartment volume of 8 m3 to 17 m3